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Cozy Comfort: 6 Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Summer is gone and the winter wind is stirring. While you’re looking for a break from the heat, you dread the struggle to fight off the chill of the season. The good news is you don’t have to drain your wallet to keep your home warm. Instead, indulge in one of the ways discussed below.


Sweet Heat

You struggle to stay warm without paying exorbitant energy bills every winter. To that end, you’ve avoided baking to cut down on electricity. However, putting out the sweets rather than turning up the heat will save on electric bills. Don’t hesitate to bake cookies, brownies or a pie and leave the oven door cracked open when you’re done. Baking will increase the temperature in your home and keep your electric bill low. You can also bake more dinner meals to keep your house warmer at the end of the day.


The Warmth in Chores

The cold weather tends to keep you wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket before the fireplace rather than tending household chores. Instead of losing to the cold, shrug off the blanket and catch up on that neglected pile of laundry. The dryer acts like a heater while putting some of your housework behind you. In addition, putting on freshly dried clothes wraps you in soothing warmth.


Wash Away the Cold

The thought of removing layers of clothes to take a shower is one you shy away from. Yet, a steaming bath or a hot shower is an excellent way to raise your body temperature. More importantly, you can chase away the chill in the air by leaving the bathroom door open and releasing the steam. The humidity helps keep your home warm without raising your electric bill.


A Crackling Fire

There is nothing like a fireplace or a heating stove to stay warm in the winter. However, don’t trade safety for comfort. Make sure you keep the chimney clean, avoid creosote buildup and ventilate the room. You can also minimize fire dangers by investing in a fireplace screen, checking your smoke alarms, and keeping flammables away from the flames. Remember, fireplace and heating stove maintenance and safety are the first step to keeping the cold at bay. Visit Wood Stoves Woodinville if you have any questions about maintenance or need to get a new stove.


Bundle Up Your Windows

You know bundling up helps lock in body heat, but you’ve left your windows dressed for spring. Covering your windows with heavy drapes helps keep the cold out and your home toasty. Another trick is hanging clear shower curtains over your windows to guard against cold drafts that sap the heat from your house. Finally, if you open your curtains to let the sun and heat in, close them at night to prevent heat from escaping through your windows.


Drink In the Warmth

You put on the layers of clothes, covered your windows and stoked up the fireplace. All that is left is to sit down to a steaming bowl of soup with a cup of tea. Hot beverages and soups help raise your internal body temperature, keeping you warm despite the chill. That said, you need the layered clothing to keep in the heat you’re generating. A T-shirt under your clothes coupled with a heavy sweater and thick socks will help keep you warm no matter how far the temperature drops outside.


Countless hacks help you stay warm throughout the winter without raising your thermostat and your electric bill. Prepare for the winter by bundling up your windows and cleaning your fireplace. And, when the chill creeps in, indulge in baked treats and fresh bread in clothes fresh from the dryer. Don’t forget the peppermint mocha coffee to bring in the holidays and keep Jack Frost at bay.

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