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Creative Decorations: 4 Genius Ideas for Your Kid's Room

When you have children, you likely hear about the things that they want in their bedroom. They might want a simple design, of they might want something extravagant that features pictures on the wall and a creative bed. There are a few ideas that you can use when it comes to designing a child's room that are sure to bring smiles and sweet dreams.


Pirates Cove


This is an idea for a boy who enjoys ships and pirates. A loft that looks like a ship is built near the ceiling with a rope ladder that reaches the ship. Sea animals adorn the walls, and stars are drawn on the ceiling. Stone accents make the room look like the inside of a pirate ship. Add a bookcase with a porthole on the top and a toy box that looks like a treasure chest.


Chronicles Of Narnia


Taken straight from the pages of the book with the same name, this room design features a bit more storage for children to put their clothing, books and toys. The focal point of the room is a large wooden wardrobe. Install a mirror inside so that it looks like the child can see through the wardrobe to Narnia. A white rug on the floor looks like snow, and there are pictures of a lion and the White Witch on the walls. Plastic storage bins, like those from Quantum Storage, in blue and white help to give the impression of snow and ice in the room.


Tree Houses


If your children like playing outside, then consider making a tree house bedroom. Build a tree in the center of the room with construction paper and wood. If you don't want to use construction paper, then consider using brown wallpaper. Make a raised area on one side of the room that features a tree house and a fence along the wall. This is where children can hang coats and book bags. Add drawers underneath the platform for toys and clothing. The bed can be designed to look like a wagon. Instead of a traditional bed canopy, add wooden arches and cover them in fabric for that covered wagon look.


Big Top Circus


Bring the colorful designs of a circus indoors. You will use yellow, red and blue paint to achieve the look. Make a Ferris wheel on one wall with a few stuffed animals in the seats. Add a red and white curtain over the bed to resemble the big top. Install a row of large vanity lights along the wall to light up the circus at night.



Whether it's a simple room with a bookcase or a room that is full of outdoor adventures, there are numerous bedroom designs for children. Make sure you have a plan in place before completing the work. Before the child moves in, add plenty of storage space for toys and clothes so that the room stays organized.

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