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Painting Your Cabin: 4 Ways to Make the Job Look Good

Even though you might enjoy the look of your cabin as it already is, it could use a coat of paint to spruce it up a bit. Before you start painting, gather all of your supplies so that you don’t have to leave your cabin to get more items while in the middle of working. Here are a few tips that can make your paint job look good in the end.

Inspect and Prep

Take the time to go through the cabin to examine the walls and other surfaces to ensure that they are smooth before painting. If you notice areas that are peeling or cracked, make sure they are sanded and repaired before applying even the first coat of paint. Another way to prep the walls and surfaces is to clean them with warm water and then dry them so that there’s a clean surface for your paint to adhere.

High Quality

When you begin shopping for your supplies, avoid getting items that aren’t of the highest quality. Some of the items that you want to get for painting include rollers, brushes, and paint. Look for brands that are well-known and that are trusted so that your paint job looks the best that it can once you’re done. An option would be to contact a painting contractor who can perform the work for you with supplies that could be of a higher quality than you might be able to get at a store.

Protect the Extras

There are likely some extra items in your cabin that you don’t want to paint when you begin working. A drop cloth can be your best friend when you’re painting, especially if you’re only covering the walls. You should also use tape to cover the baseboards, any crown molding near the ceiling, and the outlet covers so that they don’t get paint on them. You can put plastic on doorknobs to protect them while painting. Once you’re done, make sure you gently remove all of the tape and other materials to see if you have missed any spots that need more paint.


Although you don’t have to, using primer before painting can deliver the professional look that you desire. Some cans of paint already have a primer in them, which would mean that you wouldn’t have to use a different product as a base. Primer is beneficial to use because it can give your walls a smooth look and can sometimes allow for the paint to better adhere to the walls.

Painting should be looked at as an experience. Try to only use the best supplies while painting your cabin to prevent streaks and to prevent the paint from clumping in small areas on the walls or other surfaces. When you’re finished, you can view the work that you’ve done that could resemble that of a professional.

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