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Ditch the Dull - 5 Ways To Personalize Your Cabin

Something isn't right. Your cabin is not the personal space you want it to be. Maybe you just bought or inherited. Cabins are so family oriented that they  should be highly personalized and not basic and stale. You want to feel a warm hug of familiarity when you make lifelong memories there. If something feels off the problem may be that you haven't added your personal touches. You may be living with the previous occupants' design choices. It's time to make the space your own. Here are 5 ways you can personalize your cabin and ditch the dull. 

Paint the interiors a new color 

Is your cabin the same color it was on the day you moved in? Maybe you’re stuck in a mid 2000’s beige basement? 90’s eggshell white everywhere? Maybe the previous occupant had outdated color choices that feel out of place.  You just want to update from brown neutrals to grays with a white trim. Maybe you’re craving more pops of color. Maybe you want earth tones to match nature. Whatever the change, it's time to make your cabin your own. Go the paint store and get some color chips. Start looking for a new paint scheme. Then, go for it. 

If you aren't brave enough to redo the entire cabin in a new color, then paint the front door a fresh tone. It will boost your cabin's curb appeal without a lot of work.  You can also add a new stain to wooden handrails and accents.

Add wall tile 

Bringing in unexpected color and texture can transform a room. Wall tile is one way to do this. You can use it in any room in your cabin. Of course, it works well in the bathroom or kitchen. But, what about the living room, utility room, or den? An Italian or Mexican wall tile works with many chic styles. Try a neutral monotone yet elegant subway tile for a minimalist look. You can find tons of patterns and colors to give any room a unique statement. Whatever you choose, a patterned wall tile accent or back-splash will be sure to stand out to your guests and be a reflection of your personal style.

Use removable wallpaper 

Forget all the old stereotypes about wallpaper. Modern removable wallpaper makes it easy to decorate without damaging the wall. You can find this type of wall decoration in numerous patterns, colors, and textures. It only takes a couple of hours to do a small room, but the work is well worth it when you see the transformation. The best part? If you get tired of it, you can just remove it and move on. This is also great if you want a special type of cabin look. Wallpaper murals can also bring the outside forest into a bedroom or living room backdrop.

Change light fixtures 

Outdated or hideous light fixtures can bring down the entire vibe of a space. It's time to bring your lighting up to date. Tackle one room at a time. You can find designer sets of lighting to use throughout the cabin. Mix and match to suit your cabin and your taste. 

Bring in personal items and photos 

The easiest way to personalize your cabin is to bring in personal items and photographs. Unpack those boxes waiting in the back of your closet. Put your prized items on the mantle and hang those family photos over the back of the sofa. 

These tips will help you make your cabin truly into your own personal space. Use one or all of them to see the change for yourself.

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