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Fall Cleanup: How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter and Heavy Snow

It is every homeowner’s dream to have a lush and healthy lawn throughout the year. However, it takes work and commitment to keep your lawn looking beautiful. The cold temperatures and heavy snow that characterize the winter season are known to keep your lawn dormant until such a time that spring arrives. While your lawn will not require much in terms of maintenance, preparing it in fall will help it to withstand the harsh reality of the cold months.



If you are to prevent your lawn from getting brown or dying and promote its growth when spring arrives, you should aerate the soil. This simply means breaking up the compact soil so that water and other nutrients can get in there. In this way, you will create a great environment for the roots. You should also consider spreading seeds over the bare spots in your lawn so as to minimize the risk of disease.



While there are some grasses that will go dormant in winter, other types will continue to grow. This is why it would be important to come up with a mowing schedule. Make sure to mow your lawn so that the grass is short enough to allow for aeration and let you decide how much compost to add.



Fertilizer contains the right nutrients to help the roots of your grasses survive harsh weather in winter. Make sure to choose the best fertilizer and apply it in a way that will ensure just the desired rate of growth.


Clean up the Yard

Another step you can take to prepare your yard for winter is to get rid of any leaves, sticks, fallen branches, debris and dead landscaping that could undermine the healthy growth of your plants. When it comes to fallen leaves, raking and mulching will make for some of the best ways to handle them. Although these tasks are time consuming, your efforts will pay off throughout winter and in the spring.


Trim Trees and Cut Back Flowers

Trimming your trees will allow you to get rid of any damaged or hanging branches that would fall off in case of snowfall. Such trimming should be accompanied by cutting back of flowers on your perennial plants. Hiring a professional company such as Above & Beyond Tree Service Inc. will ensure that the trimming is done in a proper and safe way.


As much as you will prepare your lawn for winter, there is still a possibility that winter diseases will attack the yard. This is why you should limit human traffic on the lawn in order to encourage the growth of your grass.

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