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Finally! Today marked the start of some action on the property. Our septic is going in; finally. While a pile of sand isn’t all that exciting, when you’ve been waiting for this day for months, it’s pretty exciting! Hopefully by the end of the week, the septic is well underway and we can get our inspections done to cover it over and continue with earthwork.

Once again though, a month worth of time has passed since we last thought something would happen, but at least we are now underway. While we are off to a slow start with only the septic, we are moving forward.

The weather is a little cold today, and we actually had snow flurries this afternoon while getting the sand delivered. But, next week is an Indian Summer coming along with a couple days forecasted for 60 so, we plan on cutting in the driveway and doing the foundation digging. The plan is to get as much ground work completed now and then cover it until we start construction.

Construction, speaking of which, will more than likely still be 1 month off, sometime around the first week of December. But, we have our contract with a couple of little specifics to work out still, but awaiting the final on the mortgage none-the-less. The builder hopes to start constructing the foundation in his shop soon, and start cutting the logs so he is ready to go as soon as we have the mortgage.

You may ask, how can he build the foundation in the shop though? Well, he has his own system he has developed and patented made out of Timberstand, pressure treated lumber, foam and fiberglass. It's really quite neat, although we had some hesitation at first until we learned all the facts. It is super strong, 10,000 pounds per square inch; super efficient with a high "R" value of 30 and all sorts of resistant and retardant to things. I'll be sure to post some pictures and more info once we finally get to that point.

And, on the subject of pictures, I'll be posting a picture or two of our first action today. I’ll also be posting a copy of our floor plan and elevations. elevation and floor plans.pdf Hopefully you all enjoy seeing them.

Take care and let us know what you think!

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