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Fixer-Upper: 4 Tricks to Repairing an Older Home

Having an older home definitely has its advantages. It rekindles thoughts of youth, and they are also often much stronger than newer homes today. At the same time, as with most things that age, there will be some repairs that are inevitable. Here are four tricks to repairing an older home that you should find useful.

Take a Look at the Masonry

Many older homes were constructed of masonry. While very strong, you should be aware that most such buildings to need to have tuck pointing maintenance performed every five to six decades. In addition, make sure that you match any new mortar that you use with the same color as what is already there. This will help you avoid any further damage.

Focus on the Radiators

Old school radiators add a certain charm to older homes that many people love. At the same time, you want to make sure they get repaired properly in order to them in working condition. This means that you will not want to throttle a radiator that is of the one-pipe steam variety. Instead, make sure that the valve is left either all the open or completely closed.

Water Proof the Basement

Older basements were not always constructed as leak proof structures. You want to make sure that yours is now water proof in order to prevent damage from a more powerful than normal snow or rain storm. You can consider sump pump installation as well in order to keep the water at bay. Remember that melting snow can seep into your basement, so make sure you avoid this by making the area water proof.

Consider the Windows

Keep in mind that the wood windows that are on many older homes were built to last. They are much more durable, and even more energy efficient, than the modern plastic variety. Keep your wood windows, but touch them up from time to time. This will help them to keep looking great, while keeping the draft out. Remember that every window is different. Just because you need to replace some rotting ones out back does not necessarily mean you to take all of them out.

These four tricks will help you to take care of the major areas of your home. You do not have to spend a lot of money to renovate and repair an older home, but it does take a bit of planning in order to stay within your budget. These four tricks should help you get there.

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