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Flickering Lights: 4 Dimming Signs You Need an Electrician

When electrical devices or fixtures in your home start malfunctioning, most homeowners will first try to fix the problem themselves. If you’re unsure of what to do, however, or in conditions where there’s a risk of electrical shock, it may be necessary to hire an electrician. The tools and experience that electricians possess will allow them to deal with the problem safely and get your electricity working again as fast as possible. Here are four common signs that you need to call an electrician.


Flickering Bulbs

If a light starts to flicker anywhere in your home, you should first simply change the bulb. If the problem isn’t a dead bulb, however, then you probably have a larger problem with your home’s wiring. Wiring problems are much more complicated to fix, and should be left to an electrician so you don’t accidentally cause further damage.


Electric Shocks

If you ever feel a small electric shock when you plug an appliance in or turn on a light switch, this is a sign that something in the switch or outlet is shorting out, often due to a frayed wire. Dealing with electric shocks is dangerous, as they can be serious and can also potentially start house fires, so call an electrician the first time you feel a shock.


Buzzing Noises

A buzzing sound from a switch or outlet is a very bad sign. This usually points to a serious electrical problem caused by in the wiring close to the outlet or switch, and attempting to investigate the problem yourself can be dangerous. Licensed Electricians such as those from JF Electrical Contractors, Inc. will have the proper knowledge and safety equipment to diagnose and deal with the problem.


Charred or Discolored Outlets

If you ever see any charring or serious discoloration around an outlet, it can be an indication that a small electrical fire was burning in the wiring on the other side of the wall. If you see these signs on any plugs, outlets or switches, keep a safe distance and call an electrician for repairs immediately.


In many cases, it’s perfectly fine to attempt to fix minor electrical problems on your own. If you witness any of these signs, however, you likely have a more serious, and potentially dangerous, electrical problem on your hand. These jobs should be left to a licensed electrician to avoid the risk of personal injury or further damage to your wiring.

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