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Gas vs Electric Pressure Washer - Which Is Best Choise?

This is the biggest controversial topic surrounding the pressure washer market today. Although there was once a big difference in power between the gas and electric motors, today’s advanced technology has allowed for a minimal difference in psi power. To differentiate between the two styles of motors we will first analyze the gas version. A gas unit is known for its power, requires monthly and annual maintenance, has a good life expectancy, but can be costly to purchase. Although controversial, some proof does correlate a higher satisfactory rating with gas powered machines than other alternatives (electric).

An electric unit is able to produce just as much PSI as most gas run washers, they come virtually maintenance free, have a much smaller stature and therefore are much easier to store. There is a considerable difference in weight between electric powered and gas powered devices. Electric are lightweight and excellent for maneuverability or transport. Many consumers did find an electric washer to be very easy to operate. Electric power washers are noise efficient and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Another big plus for the electric was that you don’t have the hassle of always purchasing gas and oil to operate the machine, just plug in and go.

Both operating systems have their pros and cons so it is unfair to claim a winner, but knowing exactly what you want in a pressure washer should help you differentiate between the two and come to a satisfied conclusion. Like mentioned above, everybody has different needs and you must address your needs to determine which operating type suits you personally.

Put Your Pressure Washer To Work
What work can you do with your new cleaner? This is a common question that we get from many of our clients. The short answer is just about anything that that requires cleaning around the exterior of the house. To get into further detail you can use a pressure cleaner to clean stained concrete, maintain patio brick and walkways, clean stamped concrete driveways, clean stucco, brick, or stone exteriors, and clean decks and fencing. This just names off a few of the common uses for a power washer as the list can get quite lengthy. It has become accustom for every residential homeowner to have a properly functioning machine washer to carry out common household maintenance. Not only are these machines inexpensive, but they also save you incredible amounts of time!

Why Choose An Electric Pressure Washer?
As mentioned above, these washers have their distinct advantages and have become extremely popular over the recent years for both residential and commercial uses. Below and throughout the site we have listed some of the most popular units for 2014, be sure to check them out.

Is A Gas Powered Washer What You Really Need?
Gas units are a fan favorite and have been considered to be a common household item for decades. They have brute power to clean all the toughest stains and grime on contact. Below are some of the top choices for 2014. Be sure to check out all our in depth reviews.

Wall Mount Power Washers
Wall mount pressure washers are a growing trend that is starting to be incorporated into household garages and commercial buildings. These machines provide convenience for their users and are an effective tool for cleaning. We will now provide you with a few of the best wall mount machines for 2014.

Belt Driven Units
Belt-drive washers are known for operating at a much lower RPM than its competitors yet it maintains just as much, if not more, pressure washing power. This configuration helps in extending the durability and lifetime of the machine.

Portable Cleaners
Not all tools are made equal, and for those of you who desire a maneuverable machine may not know which option best suits your needs. Many leading pressure washer manufactures take transportation and storage into consideration when engineering their products. Below we have listed some of the best portable buys.

Best Truck Mount Devices
Truck mount washers are heavy duty units that are intended for larger jobs and heavy commercial use. These units are great for business owners who travel and require a solid machine to pressure wash with. We will now discuss some of the best truck mount kits.

Trailer Power Cleaners
Similar to truck mount unit, a trailer mounted counterpart has the capabilities to hook up to almost any vehicle with an appropriate hitch. These units are great for transporting and offer its operator a wide variety of services to help get the job done.

Top Cold Water Washers
Cold water units are quite standard. They allow you to directly hookup your garden hose to a threaded receiver. Once hooked up you can start your pressure washer and begin to spray. Most washers have the capabilities to run cold water. We will review the best ones on the market today.

Hot Water Pressure Washer
These allow hot water to circulate through its internals and spray out through the users hand wand. Hot water has its advantages over cold water in that it is proven to help loosen and remove dirt, gunk, and grime much easier.

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