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God is in the Details: 5 Heavenly Tips to Elevate Your Remodel

A remodel should be more than just a simple update, it should also help beautify your home. There are a few details to consider to help elevate your remodel beyond your expectations. The following are just five tips to consider to add more beauty to your remodel.

Crown Molding

You might want to consider installing crown molding now that you are remodeling. These little accents come in different designs that should fit your home perfectly and make it look unique. Keep in mind that molding allows hidden light to shine, which adds more mystique to your home.

Tile Beauty

Accent walls are one thing, but you can also add accent tiles around your home. The placement is something you have to pay attention to, but most people add unique tiles in their kitchen either on the floor or the walls. You can also consider adding unique tiles to your bathroom. Of course, it is ultimately up to you, so try to envision where unique tiles will create the most interesting look.

Roof Accents

Roof design is getting more complex, which means you have more options, such as cross gables or cathedral ceilings. All of these options are relatively easy to install, provided you are using roof trusses that will give your home a unique look. Be sure to make sure the roof design works well with the weather in your region.

Unique Windows

Your windows do not have be designed like regular rectangles or squares. You can install full wall windows or circular windows. The possibilities are endless, and they will give your home a look that simply cannot be duplicated. Of course, what you choose has to match your home’s overall look, so keep that in mind.

Smart Connections

You have a unique opportunity to bring your home into the future now that you are opening it up through your remodel. Consider rewiring your home to fit your new electrical needs, and think about adding smart features, such as a smart AC system, smoke detector, and security system. All of these changes and more are easier now that you are remodeling.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do to take your remodel up a notch. Talk to your contractor to see if you are in need of some prefab technology or if there is something you might have missed that would make your home more suited to your needs and desires.

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