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Home Going Septic? 5 Smelly Signs You Need a Professional Plumber

Plumbing is not something that anyone wants to deal with, and it is easy to imagine that dirty water disappears into thin air. Unfortunately, this is not true, and an entire system of drains, pipes and septic tanks work harmoniously to keep your dirty water away. However, this system doesn’t always work like a well-oiled machine, and once in a while, you will have outstanding issues. Here are five smelly signs that you need to call a plumber.


Multiple Clogged Drains

Having your kitchen sink clogged is one thing, but if your sink, toilet, shower drain and everything else is clogged, you definitely need a plumber as soon as possible. Multiple clogged drains indicate that there is a more significant problem in the system or the septic tank that needs to be dealt with and if it persists you will have a smelly mess in the house. Before the problem is sorted, stop using any drains in the house to avoid making things worse.


Sewer Gases

If you have been noticing rotten eggs smell coming from your sink or shower drain, sewer gases maybe coming back up from the pipes. Sewer gases not only cause a horrible smell in the house but they can also cause headaches and other illnesses if it goes on for too long. A simple drain clean or pouring the right chemicals in the septic tank can sort that problem, but only a plumber would know how to do that.


Water Backup

Water backup is one of the most interesting plumbing issues you can witness in the house, and it can also be pretty smelly. Sometimes you can flush the toilet and see water coming up from your shower drain or run your washer, and the sink gets full. Water backup is an indicator that water is not going where it’s supposed to and instead it’s being channeled back to other drains.


Localized Drain Odor

Localized drain odor is very different from sewer gases because you can pinpoint its origin. The horrible stench is prevalent in the kitchen sink due to a buildup of food, organic waste, and other stuff. However, you can also find it in the toilet or bathtub. Companies such as Rob’s Septic Tanks Inc. can open the drain and clean up to kill the smell.


Patches of Standing Water

If the area around your septic tank is always wet or the grass is very green and healthy due to stagnant water, you may have a leak or an overflow problem. Apart from the bad smell, the water leaking can be a health hazard and a contaminant to other water sources.


Keep in mind that your plumbing is something that should be taken seriously. Unless you know what you are doing, most of the time plumbing repairs require a professional to take care of the problem. Otherwise you could cause more problems for yourself and it will be more expensive to repair. So whether you need to get the septic tank pumped, the drains unclogged, or sewer system maintained, a professional plumber is always needed to ensure you don’t have any smelly issues in your home.

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