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Home Maintenance: 5 Signs You Need Major Well Repair

It is common for those living in rural areas to rely on a well for their water. However, it is necessary to maintain that well if you want to ensure you will have adequate running water and the water will be safe to drink. If you are experiencing any of the 5 signs, you will need to have your well repaired, so you can continue enjoying the well water you use daily in your home.

No Water

If you are not able to get water at any faucet in your home, the first step is to check the switch at the well to make sure it isn’t damaged. If it is intact and all contact appear fine, you will need to call for repairs or perform the maintenance yourself if you are handy. It could be that the pump controller is not functioning.

Low Pressure

Low water pressure could be caused by many things, unfortunately. You will have to go through the list and check things off as you rule them out as the possible culprit. The pump may have gone out, or there could be a problem with the tank. However, it could just be a leak that needs to be repaired or there could be a clog in the line that needs to be removed.

Pulsating Water

Having pulsating water at the faucets usually means that the tank is waterlogged and the only way to solve this particular issue is to have it replaced. Another way to make sure that this, in fact, is the problem is to turn on one faucet and then another. If the water pressure at the first faucet drops, you know it is the tank. You can also have this checked by calling for an estimate from someone who offers them for free like Mike’s Drilling.

Sand in the Water

Because a well is drilled into the ground, there will be sediment in the bottom of it. You will need to have this filtered out before it gets to the pump through a screen or a sand separator. If either of these is not working correctly, you can end up with sand in the water when it reaches your faucets. You will want to get this taken care of quickly because the sand can quickly cause your pump to go out.

High Electric Bill

You may not connect the cost of a higher than average water bill with your water well, but it is possible. If your pump can’t maintain the pressures necessary for the well, it will continuously run, and this will cause a spike in your electric bill. If your bill jumps higher than you think is normal, it is important to find the reason why.

As soon as you realize there is an issue with your well, you want to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Not only is having a problem an inconvenience for those living in the home, but one problem can quickly turn into many. Be sure to call in a professional if you are not equipped to handle the problem yourself.

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