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Home on the Water? A Few Additions to Consider

When you have a new waterfront property, you can increase it value by making several additions. Here are some ways to improve your waterfront home.

Add an Enclosed Patio

One of the best ways to enjoy your waterfront home is by adding an enclosed patio to the back of the building. With window screens and windowpanes, you can enjoy natural sunlight or breezes while avoiding bites from flying insects. Contact a contractor to plan a customized enclosed patio that meets your needs.

Have an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are incredibly popular today, and it is easy to have one of these installed on your waterfront property in only a few days. An outdoor kitchen will have a stovetop, oven, refrigerator or countertops so that you can quickly and easily prepare a meal. A builder can also install benches, chairs and tables so that you can sit down immediately to enjoy a tasty meal.

Build a Customized Gazebo

A gazebo will add an attractive outdoor element to your waterfront home. When you want protection from the sun, you can sit in a gazebo to read a book, use your computer or eat a snack. It is possible to order kits to build a gazebo right away on your property, or you can create your own design to have a gazebo that is unique.

Have a Storage Shed

You may want to add a specialized storage shed to your property to hold all of your gardening supplies, including a lawn mower or fertilizer equipment. If you live in a waterfront home, you will also have an assortment of water sport’s items such as a canoe or water skis. You can have a ready-made storage shed delivered to your property, or you can build a customized shed that meets your specifications.

A Guesthouse

If you want to have guests while you are at your waterfront home, then build a guesthouse in the backyard. A guesthouse will have one or more small bedrooms along with a kitchen, living room and bathroom. In some cases, you can rent your guesthouse to travelers so that you can earn some extra cash.

Build a Dock

When you have a waterfront home, you almost have to have a dock. With a dock next to your home, you can tie your boat to it in order to load and unload the items that you need each day. It will also make it easier to use your boats on a daily basis.  Work with a contractor like Abbotts' Construction Services Inc. or someone similar to construct a doc you’ll love.

Make Improvements over Several Years

You don’t need to make all of your waterfront home’s improvements in one year. Choose the most important improvement for your needs each year to have the item built or installed outside or on your home.

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