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Hot Summers: 5 Signs of Air Conditioner Failure

With the heat of the summer, you may be relying on your air conditioner to help you get some sleep. It can be disastrous if your AC were to fail during a heat wave. You need to be aware of how your unit is functioning so that you don’t get an unwelcome surprise. Here are some of the signs that your air conditioner is on its last leg.


Air Is Lukewarm

No matter how low your set the temperature, all you ever seem to get is air that isn’t that cool. This can be a sign that your refrigerator isn’t doing its job. It may be time to recharge your unit or replace it altogether.


Thermostat Doesn’t Do Much

Your thermostat should be the means that you have to control the temperature in your home. In some cases, there may be a communication error between the thermostat and your unit. It could also be that your air conditioner is about to fail. AC maintenance is an important part of keeping your unit functioning for years to come.


Water under Your Unit

There is some water generation through the use of your AC unit. It should go down the drain line and by safely dispelled away from your unit. If you notice water underneath your AC, this could a sign that the drain line is clogged. It could also be because your unit is about to have some serious problems.


A Clunking Noise

Clunking, screaming, or squealing noises coming from your AC is a sign that there’s something wrong with the mechanics of the unit. It’s just a matter of time before it completely burns itself out. Have it serviced right away so that it doesn’t become a more costly repair.


It Smells Rank

A bad smell emanating from your AC is always a bad sign. Determine if the smell is more of a burning smell or one of mold. This can give you an indication of the source of your problem. A mechanical smell means that a part is about to fail. A moldy smell can mean that there’s water in places that is stagnating.


Your air conditioner may be your lifeline during the summer months. Keeping your unit in good operating condition can save you from having to suffer with a warm home all night long. If you notice something amiss about your air conditioner, don’t wait to address the issue. It could end up costing you a bundle.

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