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How Steel fabrication is Used in Architecture

Steel has emerged as the material of choice by builders, architects and other construction professionals as it offers high versatility, strength and sustainability. The material is used in different forms, shapes and sizes to transform a concept into reality and give it the form of a real building or home.

This is where architects utilise the help of steel fabrication companies in Gauteng. Steel fabrication is the process that is used by fabricators to transform steel sections into certain shapes that are ready to be installed and used. The fabricators can create the shapes and forms required accurately and precisely, making sure that the component stands true to the design needs.

The Use of Steel in the Architecture Industry:

Steel showcases many beneficial properties that make it suitable for use in the architecture industry. They are used for constructing both residential and commercial structures. Here are some reasons why steel is the choice of building material of today’s architects:

1. Versatility – Being extremely versatile, steel fabrication is a great choice for creating complex structures with innovative designs. The material can be used as a framework in creating fittings and for its aesthetic appeal.

2. Aesthetic Appeal - The aesthetic appeal of stainless steel makes it widely-used for applications where the material shows. It blends well with modern architecture and the high lustre of the material makes the component aesthetically appealing.

3. Strength – Steel is widely used in the construction of both residential and commercial structures, owing to its excellent strength to weight ratio and high malleability. The great load-bearing capacity of steel allows the architectures to experiment and innovate without hurting the integrity of the structure.

4. Resistance to Corrosion – Non-combustible and corrosion-resistant, steel structures are used to make buildings, skyscrapers and other structural. This ensures that the buildings will be durable, reducing the risks for the people living in it.

5. Easy to Use – Steel is light-weight, facilitating transport and easy handling. Steel fabrication companies in Gauteng prepare the components in such a way that they can be easily installed right away. Steel doesn’t need to be treated with any preservatives, harmful pesticides or glues for construction.

6. Sustainable – As compared to the wooden framework for buildings, steel framework doesn’t harm the environment in any way. This has attracted many architects who are aiming for sustainable construction.

These are the primary reasons why steel is widely used in the architecture industry. However, steel is not used in its natural form. It must be fabricated according to the demands of the applications.

Different Steel Sections Used in Architecture:

Various kinds of steel components are created through the fabrication process in different shapes, sizes, forms, thicknesses etc. that are used in the architecture industry. The commonly-used steel sections include:

  • Bars and Pipes.
  • Channels – both parallel and tapered.
  • Beams and Columns.
  • Angles Sections.
  • Hollow Sections of different shapes.
  • Flat Sections.

These are the various components that are created using steel fabrication for the architecture industry.

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