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How to help your log home builder help you better

If there’s one thing my 30 years as a log home builder has taught me it’s that the average log home buyer doesn’t always understand his or her role in the construction process. Nor do they fully understand the builder’s role.

To help, I’ve devised an analogy that’s easy for most people to understand: sports.

You, the log home buyer, are the team owner. You select the players that will perform the best within your salary cap, aka, your budget.

At the end of the day, it’s your money that’s funding this endeavor, and it’s you who will live with the results. Choose wisely.

As the team owner, you’re responsible for hiring the head coach — that’s the builder. His role is to execute your vision, manage the players (subcontractors) in the field and provide feedback on how those players are performing, as well as progress as it’s made.

Yes, your coach/builder reports to you, but for him to be truly effective and build your dream log home, there are a few things you can do to help your builder help you.

And it starts with complete honesty and transparency in the following areas:


Establish a solid budget, and convey the true number to your builder. To use our analogy, if a coach doesn’t know what each player’s worth is, he can’t manage the members of the team or give direction.

A reputable builder is not out to spend all your money; he does, however, need a detailed breakdown of how much of your budget you want to allocate for each area of the home.


Construction is not a perfect process, and in the field, there will be road bumps that impact progress. If you expect that everything will go flawlessly, you are setting up your builder for failure and yourself for frustration. A dose of realism will go a long way toward making the finished home everything you want it to be.

For tips on communicating your vision, plus communication, trust and respect, visit!

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