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How to Keep Your Cabin Secure and Safe from Storms

If you are fortunate enough to have a cabin in the mountains or in a forest, then you will want to keep it secure and safe from storms. There are numerous types of devastating storms that can damage your beautiful vacation cabin. Use these methods to protect your cabin from damage.

Trim Dead Branches and Remove Dead Trees

To protect your cabin’s windows, siding and rooftop, make sure to trim the dead branches that are hanging from trees. You can use a ladder to reach these dead branches, and if you dry the wood, then you can use it in your cabin’s fireplace. It is also a good idea to remove diseased or dead trees that could fall on your cabin during a violent storm. You might need to hire an expert who has the proper types of equipment to remove the large trees and tree stumps from your property.

Clean Debris from the Rain Gutters

Your cabin should have rain gutters to keep rainwater from flowing directly down the sides of the building. However, rain gutters and downspouts become filled with debris such as falling leaves, leading to gutters that will flow over with the rainwater. Climb on an extension ladder to use a small shovel to dig out the collection of debris that has collected in the downspouts and rain gutters.

Install Sturdy Hurricane Shutters

When your cabin is in a region that has violent hurricanes, then you must protect the building’s windowpanes. You can install hurricane shutters on your cabin, which are functional in addition to being attractive. If you know that a hurricane is going to occur, then you can close the hurricane shutters to avoid having broken window glass that might fly through your cabin, creating extensive damage.

Repair the Cabin’s Rooftop

It is important to inspect your cabin’s rooftop frequently so that you can repair any damage such as nailing down or replacing shingles. When your cabin has extensive damage or if it has degraded, then you should contact a professional roofing technician to complete the repairs or to replace the entire roof.

Install a Lightning Rod

If you want to protect the electrical system in a building along with avoiding a building fire, then you should install a lightning rod on a cabin’s roof. There are numerous types of lightning rods, but all of these items are designed for diverting lightning into the ground to protect a building from damage.

Make sure to have insurance for your cabin so that you can file a claim to help pay for the cost of materials and labor for a repair after a storm damages the building.

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