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How to Make Running Water in Your Home More Efficient

Efficient water systems are more popular than ever, but you might not be quite ready to completely replace their entire plumbing system. Here is a look at a few upgrades and additions that can be carried out in a single afternoon on practically any budget.

Faucet Aerators

Some new faucets come with aerators, but they are generally not designed to save very much water. Homeowners who are worried about water consumption should consider investing in aftermarket aerators and flow restrictors. These two devices slow the amount of water that comes out of faucets and shower heads by creating additional pressure. Aerators also spread the water out over a greater area once it comes out of the nozzle so your comfort is not sacrificed when taking a shower.

Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Water Heater Pump

Most of the water that is drawn into your home will go through your water heater, and any efficiency issues with that device could drive up your utility costs. Instead of completely replacing the water heater, you might want to consider contacting a company such as Slater H & Son Pty Ltd. to have a high-efficiency pump installed. These pumps get the hot water to your sinks and showers as quickly as possible to limit how much water and energy your home uses.

Check for Cracks and Leaks

Not many families realize just how much water will be wasted with a minor leak. In some cases, a single cracked pipe could double your water consumption, and it can cause a tremendous amount of damage in a short period of time. Ongoing leaks will result in mold, mildew, damaged walls, and a variety of other serious issues. Homeowners who believe they might be dealing with a leak should immediately contact a plumber to have their system tested.

Replace Your Old Appliances

Depending on your family's daily habits, most of the water used within your home could be going to your appliances. Dishwashers and washing machines use an incredible amount of water, and that is why so many people are upgrading to high-efficiency devices. If your appliances are more than a decade old, then you should take a fresh look at newer products. In many cases, these devices will pay for themselves in as little as a few months.

Whether you would like to save money on your utility bills or reduce your home's carbon footprint, these few products could help you cut back on your water consumption by quite a bit in the coming years.

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