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How to Make Sure Your Yard is Ready to Weather the Cold Winter Months

After the spring and summer season of green grass, there is a time in the winter when the yard appears dull and lifeless. You can use the fall season to prepare the yard for winter so that it's as healthy as possible for the next year. If you make time to seed the yard and get the plants ready, then you'll have a beautiful area that the family can enjoy.

Over seed
One of the things that you might notice is that there are patches of brown and green grass. This is because you over seeded parts of the yard in the spring. Some of the grass simply goes dormant instead of dying. You can solve this problem by over seeding the entire lawn. It will likely give you the beautiful green look that you desire the following year and in the winter.

Shrubs and Trees
Make sure your dead tree branches are cut and that the shrubs are trimmed back. You don't want limbs and trees falling if there is an ice storm. Companies like Schulhoff Tree & Lawn Care, Inc. can give you tips on the best way to cut back the limbs in the yard. There are also companies like this that can do the work for you if you want it done professionally.


Although raking your leaves might seem like a chore each week, it's often better than leaving the leaves on the ground. When you don't rake, the leaves can become moist. As they get wet and start to disintegrate, they can begin to kill the lawn. This would mean that the lawn won't be as green the next spring and summer. You can use the leaves in a compost that can be distributed over a garden if you don't have anywhere to dispose of them.

Pine Needles
Any conifers in the yard will begin to turn brown at some point during the winter. One way that you can keep the needles from staying on the trees and making the yard look dull is to shake the tree. You will need to shake it rather hard in order to get rid of the brown needles. However, it will keep the green needles in place so that the yard doesn't look as bland.

There are a few things that you can do to the yard to prepare it for winter. From seeding to make sure the grass is green to getting rid of leaves, these are tips that will give you the manicured look that you want for the season. Maintaining the yard will also allow you to place decorations for the holidays in an area that isn't cluttered with leaves and other pieces of nature.

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