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How to Make Your Backyard Family Friendly

Those lucky enough to have a backyard in this day and age of confined apartments have an obligation to take care of that space. When everyone’s so eager to have a piece of nature for themselves, you can’t neglect your own piece of heaven. This is especially true if you’ve got a family. Kids nowadays spend most of their time indoors, instead of enjoying the outdoors.

By having a family friendly backyard, you’re ensuring your kids have a fun and safe place to spend their afternoons at. As well as that, you’re creating an opportunity for your family to bond and create new memories together. From making a family barbecue to playing fetch and watching movies in the late summer evenings, you’re bound to grow closer as a family. Of course, all you need is a good idea and a few tips on how to enhance your family life, as well as your overall health.

1. Plants and flowers are a must

No backyard is complete without some plants are flowers. You can’t have nature close without pure natural elements in the game. If you want to teach your kids about the value of nature and how to treat it, you’ll start by planting some colourful flowers and the most calming plants.

You can create the colour scheme and pattern of your garden yourself, thus allowing you and your kids to work on your creativity. You should let your children decide on a few things here and there so that they get a confidence boost and feel more competent and valued. These are important feelings for their development.

As well as that, having a family garden is a great way to teach your kids to be more eco-friendly. You can start composting and use the remains of your food and garden waste as fuel to make your plants and flowers even more beautiful.

Additionally, plants and flowers make perfect grounds for inviting more nature into the backyard. Critters are naturally drawn to such an environment. If you add a toad house and stack a few logs, you might attract some frogs and hedgehogs. Is there a better way for your family to feel like you’re part of nature than to experience nature first-hand?

2. Add a play area

Having a play area in the backyard for your kids just screams “family friendly.” Who didn’t dream of having their own playground in the backyard when they were kids? You can make this dream come true regardless of how big your backyard is.

If you’re organized well-enough, there’s always room for a slide and a swing set. This way your kids will never be bored or have to go far to have an idea play day. As well as that, it’s a great opportunity to get them to socialize. They can always bring friends over and play outside instead of shutting themselves indoors.  

Another thing you should add to your play area is a treehouse. If you’ve got a big tree in your backyard, there’s no sense in letting it go to waste. The treehouse will be your kids’ favourite place to hang out in because it will be completely theirs.

In that spirit, you should let them help with the painting and decoration. They should design the treehouse on their own. Your job here is to supervise and make sure everything is okay. When letting your kids paint the treehouse, make sure to use non-toxic colours.

If you’re a DIY kind of parent, there’s no reason you can’t make the treehouse by yourself. Of course, it’s advisable to include your kids in the planning and building process. This way, you’ll get to bond and create memories before you’ve even got your family-friendly backyard in order.

3. Build a patio

Patios are generally very easy to build, but they serve a great purpose. They provide the perfect grounds for a cozy seating area. You can place garden furniture beneath your patio and always have somewhere to sit down and just enjoy the peace and quiet of your backyard.

If it’s summer and the sun is shining too bright, you’ll have the shield of your patio to protect you from the rays. In other words, you’ll have a cool corner of the yard to enjoy while the warmth envelops the rest. Add a cool lemonade to the mix, and your summer afternoons will become much comfier and more refreshing.

Even when it might be raining outside, you won’t have to be stuck indoors. Light rain is no reason to retreat to the inside of your home. You can enjoy the beauty of the weather while comfortably sitting beneath your patio and listening to the raindrops thud.

As well as that, this is a great place for your barbecue, as well. The patio can also serve as a dining area if you want to bring family lunches and dinners to the backyard. Spring and summer can now be spent dining outside and being one with nature even while you eat.

Of course, all of these scenarios are nice when you imagine them, but not practical if you don’t create the perfect patio. Being ahead in everything in the world, Australia has the answer to this issue. To make their dreams come true, most Australians contact patio experts in Brisbane. So, if you want to turn fantasy into reality, contact a professional. A patio is in no way a DIY project, and you’ll need all the help and advice you can get before and during construction.

4. Start a vegetable garden

Starting a vegetable garden together is the ideal family activity and an ideal way to decorate your backyard. This way, you kill two birds with one stone. A vegetable garden doesn’t have to be big or complex.

It’s enough to start small and introduce the veggies your family likes to eat. Clear a part of your backyard, prepare the soil, put up a fence for the garden, and start planting. Of course, you should do all of this together. The kids should especially be involved, as this will build family relationships and give them valuable skills they can use later in life.

Another reason a vegetable garden is family friendly is that it takes care of your family’s health. By growing organic food at home, you know exactly what you and your kids are eating. There will be no added chemicals or troubles with pesticide. Instead, you’ll be putting fresh, tasty, and rich veggies on the dinner table.

Finally, a vegetable garden will give everyone something in common. Regardless of how different you are as people, you’ll all have something to take care of, talk about, and bond over. Tending to a vegetable garden as a family can also teach you to work together and teach your kids the value of teamwork.

You’ll get to enjoy your hard work together and appreciate what you’ve created. As well as that, you’re bound to start appreciating each other more. Suddenly, you’ll be more aware of each other’s virtues than flaws.


Even though it may seem challenging to upgrade your backyard and turn it into a place your whole family can enjoy, it’s actually quite a fun project if you’ve got the right ideas. Your family will be drawn into the outdoor sanctuary and spend their days outside as much as they can. This is grounds for better mental and physical health as well as for better family relationships.

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