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How to Make Your Cabin in the Woods Secure Against Unwelcome Visitors

Owning a cabin in the woods is a great way to experience living off the grid. This type of dwelling is typically a seasonal location rather than a full time home. While there are many perks in owning a remote getaway, there are also necessary safety measures to consider. Read on for some practical suggestions about protecting your cabin in the woods.

Install Exterior Rolling Shutters

Windows are a prime source of both curiosity and entry for wildlife and burglars alike. Glass panes allow visibility and a relatively easy way to force and enter a remote cabin. Although window locks provide security, large animals and burglars can still break the window panes and gain access to the interior of the cabin. If the cabin remains unused for long periods of time, harsh weather elements could cause a window break that invites unwanted guests. Exterior rolling shutters ward off many potential risks and dangers. They protect the cabin against extreme weather conditions, prevent visibility of cabin contents, and provide a strong additional layer of security. Reinforced points of entry make it difficult to break in to a cabin, and provide a perfect reason for animals and burglars to pass on making your cabin in the woods a target.

Install a Security System

Another way to deter objectionable guests is to install a security system. Security systems, like those from SleepWell, are good at deterring burglars and would-be thieves. Motion activated trail cameras are a great way to document cabin activity in your absence. These cameras provide valuable and detailed information about any comings and goings at your remote cabin. Also, consider using either a noise-making system or one that incorporates the use of very bright strobe lights. These elements are very attention-grabbing and usually a great way to startle and send burglars on their way. If you do not want to invest in an actual security system, consider at least mounting fake cameras or signs indicating the presence of a system.

Install Lights

Be sure to mount motion activated exterior lights that will startle unwanted guests who prowl around the perimeter of the cabin. Also consider using lights on timers to give the appearance of activity even during cabin absences. Install these timed lights on both the exterior and interior of the cabin. If there is a trusted local friend or family member, ask them to periodically check and make sure that lights are functioning properly in your absence.

Install Dog Warnings

Dogs are a great safeguard and deterrent against would be thieves. Post “Beware Of Dog” signs in highly visible locations. If you have a dog, be sure to bring him or her along on trips to the cabin. If anyone is watching the cabin, they will be aware that an actual dog is present on the property. There is even security technology that mimics canine barks and growls. It is a great idea to incorporate this type of electronic man's best friend.

Enjoy the benefits of owning a forest home and the lifestyle that goes with it. The versatility of uses for a cabin in the woods are seemingly endless. The location provides a prime spot for everything from sporting adventures to peace and solitude. With some practical planning, you can also feel confident about warding off unpleasant and unwanted guests during any absences.

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