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How to Manage Home Lighting in a Wooded Area

A home or vacation cabin located in a wooded area has lighting requirements that are different from a home in an urban neighborhood. As a homeowner, when selecting lighting for your home, you likely want to preserve the serenity associated with rural living and capitalize on the exterior beauty surrounding your home. At the same time, you want to select lighting that allows you to achieve the level of safety, security, privacy and interior decorative beauty you desire. Managing home lighting in a wooded area requires you to use various types of lighting that will work in conjunction with each other.

Natural Light

If it’s the view or the beauty of the natural setting that attracted you to your home, you probably want to be able to enjoy that view as much as possible. French Doors, large windows or lots of windows enable you to fully experience your surroundings. They also allow an abundance of natural light to flow into your home. Windows are often not thought of as a lighting option but their beauty, versatility, functionality make them an ideal way to add light to a room.

Trees and Shrubs

In order to maximize the amount of light that enters your home by way of the windows you need to keep shrubs under or in front of the windows trimmed. If you plan to plant trees near your home, you’ll want to be sure their placement doesn’t obstruct the flow of light into your home. You may need the assistance of professionals to trim or remove large trees near your home that can be a potential hazard due to their size or condition.

Blinds or Shades

The window treatments you choose can have a large impact on the amount of natural light that enters your home. People often think window blinds and window shades are the same. However, there are some distinct differences in how they function and in regard to how they affect the lighting in your home. Take some time to assess which option is best for each room in your home. When making the choice between blinds or shades at a place like Illawarra Blinds & Awnings, aesthetics, energy efficiency, light control and privacy are some of the features you’ll want to consider.

Exterior Lighting

The exterior area around a home in the woods is dark unless a bright moon is shining. As a safety measure, you may want to add walkway lighting to your home. Front porch lights and garage lights are also helpful in a rural setting. You can enhance the natural beauty around your home with landscape lighting.

One of the appealing features of a home in a wooded area is its relationship with nature. You should choose the lighting for your rural home that works in harmony with nature. Keep in mind that seasonal changes can have a noticeable impact on a home in a wooded area.

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