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How to Take Care of Your Yard and Garden in a Wet Climate

Extremely damp climates come with special challenges for those trying to keep their gardens healthy. In order to thrive, plants need their roots to be dry most of the time. If you live in a damp climate, don’t give up on gardening. Follow these simple tips for a stress free plant care experience.

Plant in Raised Garden Beds

Maintaining a garden in wet weather can be frustrating. Root vegetables often rot in the ground, flowers are more susceptible to disease and pests are more likely to invade. Planting your garden in raised beds can solve the problem of having constantly drenched soil. It is far easier to control drainage when you plant your garden in a light soil blend that readily releases extra water.

Install Drainage Systems

One of the most important things you can do for your water logged lawn is to install proper drainage in the problem areas. Companies like Hydro Construction Products recommend a linear drainage system to divert the water to an area where it can seep into the soil without harming your lawn and garden. Keeping excessive water from standing for long periods of time on your lawn can save hundreds of dollars each year on lawn care alone.

Plant Water Tolerant Plants

In areas where it is just not possible to divert water by improving drainage you may want to consider making a rain garden with water loving plants. There are a variety of plants available for any clime that can thrive with constantly wet roots. Hostas, Joe Pye weed, ferns and Jacob’s ladder are just a few of the many plants that will soak up excess water while resisting root rot and disease.

Never Mow a Wet Lawn

When you live in an area where rain is a constant, it may seem impossible to find a time for lawn care when your grass is dry. It is important for the health of your turf that you never mow your grass while it is wet. This is an easy way to damage the plants and invite lawn ravaging diseases. Wait until the lawn is completely dry to mow your grass. Be sure to only use extra sharp mower blades to leave clean cuts.

Gardeners living in wet climates have to be a little more creative than the average gardener. Fortunately, following these simple tips will leave you with a beautiful lawn and garden that can be easily managed in your wet climate.

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