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How to turn your backyard in landscaping oasis?

How to turn your backyard in landscaping oasis?

Maybe you have taken a good look at your backyard and realized it has been neglected for some time. Luckily, you can turn it into your personal landscaping oasis in no time. A few tricks and a bit of will and you will be able to escape the noise and rush of everyday life in no time.

To DIY or not?

Of course, redecorating and landscaping a backyard is always quickest and easiest if you hire professionals to do that for you. Experts like landscape designers will instantly identify good features of your yard and how to use them the best way possible. They will also know the tricks to hide the things you don't like about the yard and make sure it's unique. Still, if your budget is limited, you can always decide to deal with that on your own. With a bit of effort and appropriate tools, you can make your own piece of heaven.

1. Add a water feature

Nothing makes a place more peaceful than the sound of running water. It hides the noise of the city and eases your mind. Depending on your budget, you can add a small water feature made from an old pot or you can go as big as a cute waterfall in the yard.

2. Use various potted plants

Pots are great for landscaping because they provide you with so many possibilities. They come in various sizes allowing you to create different levels in the yard. You can also use them to add colors to the greenery and considering that they are mobile, you can change the dynamics and the looks of the yard whenever and however you like. It's important to mind the season and types of flowers that bloom during the specific ones. That way, you'll make sure you have colors in the backyard almost throughout the whole year. You can focus on pinks and whites in the spring and summer, and then on reds and yellows when the autumn arrives.

3. Provide privacy

No oasis is a real oasis unless you can hide from the outside world. You need to make sure you are on your own when enjoying the garden so that you can really relax and forget about all the rest. That's why you should get creative and create some sort of enclosure. It can be in the form of a wooden fence, a pergola, a garden wall or even smartly used layered plants. Choose whatever will suit the style of your backyard.

4. Install a spa or hot tub

If you are ready to spend a little more on pure joy, then consider installing a hot tub in the backyard or a spa. You could enjoy a long soak in the late afternoon or even have a glass of wine in the evening soaked in the hot tub among the greenery. Frame the spa or the hot tub with lush plants places in containers so that you have the privacy and the right atmosphere to enjoy.

5. Consider artificial grass

If you want fast solutions, then maybe placing artificial grass in the yard could be the right thing for you. If you have pets or kids, is far easier to maintain the yard if you don't have to worry about the grass. There is almost zero maintenance and you will be allowed to focus on the plants.

6. Ambiance lighting

If you are working on an appealing backyard landscape, it deserves to be visible at night, too. You can also be able to enjoy late evenings in the backyard, watching the landscape. The lighting can play an important role here if you place the lights in the correct places. You could illuminate the steps or sidewalks or place the lights around the focal point of the back yard. You can also use different lights to highlight the layers of the backyard. Play with the positions a bit to find the right balance.

Final comment

Creating a landscaping oasis in the backyard isn't too hard. The most important thing is to have the will to try out different things and to play with your options. Create a landscape that fits your taste and it will ease your mind for sure.

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