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How to Use Instagram to Increase Your Email Subscriber List

The excitement with social media has, unfortunately, cast a shadow over email marketing with many marketers perceiving it to be very dated and overused. The fact is that even today with competition from so many quarters email marketing remains the best online marketing channel as far as return on investment is concerned.

Email, Really?

Even though email has been around for ages, it still remains the most direct form of communication with potential customers. However, there is no denying the fact that social media has the ability to give users a level of engagement that simply cannot be ignored. An online marketer should ideally use social media to generate interest and as a funnel for generation of leads that can then be directly addressed through an email marketing campaign. Some simple tips on how you can use social media like Instagram to provide leads for your email campaign:

Create an Opt-In That Is Compelling

You will need to select a specific lead magnet or an opt-in so that the email leads can be harvested. There is a great variety possible in lead magnets ranging from eBooks, white papers, coupons, mini-courses, etc. The entire purpose of the opt-in is to impress the target audience with the value being given for which they would be willing to give their personal details and email addresses. A social media network like Instagram is a perfect delivery vehicle for the lead magnet and allows you to engage in promotions that will catch the attention of your followers. To boost the number of real followers of your Instagram page, you can use professional social media services like Gramista.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page for Instagram Followers

When your Instagram followers click on the link that you have provided in the bio for them to get the lead magnet, they should be lead to an exclusive landing page where they can share their personal details and access the magnet that you have promised. This is far better than leading them to the home page of your site because you can very easily track your Instagram campaign for effectiveness, and also make it easier for the audience to get the freebie. After you have obtained the desired customer profile, you can start addressing them with specific content through an email newsletter campaign.

Insert a Compelling CTA in the Instagram Bio

While creating an attractive lead magnet and a special landing page are is important, you will only be able to get more requests for opting in only when you have a powerful CTA inserted in the bio section of Instagram that will provoke action by the target audience. Unless your CTA is crafted well, the entire strategy of using Instagram will fall flat.


Online marketers need to appreciate that even today there’s nothing better than email to directly address specific content to the target audience. However, the power of social media like Instagram for creating excitement and elevating brand visibility cannot be ignored. You need to put them together for your campaign to really get results.

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