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It's Not Easy Being Green - Log Homes & the Environment

For those of us log home enthusiasts who remember Kermit the Frog, we’ll also remember his song “It’s not easy being green”. Of course back then he was singing about something other than saving the environment. In today’s world of marketing, the word green has taken on a whole different meaning. Google search “environmentally green” and you get over 41 million hits – everyone from the National Geographic, the EPA and even Wikipedia have pages of information on green. Seems everyone has their own idea, definition and interpretation of what “green” really is. We’re marketed on a daily basis about green products from dishwashing liquid to clothing and sometimes it gets to be more of a joke rather than a cause.

It may not be easy being green since it can also be rather expensive. Take housing for example. By using a lot of newgen or nextgen products in your home you may wind up investing a lot more in your log home project than expected. You’ll need to ask yourself a few questions – is this product really green (did it ship from overseas or was it made locally?) and will it really help save the environment (was it made from products that are not green?).

Common sense will come in to play here. I’ve lived in a log home now for over 18 years, a home that used natures only renewable building resource – wood – as the main structural elements. The logs were local to my area, were pressure treated with Borates to inhibit decay and attack from wood digesting insects and will help the home be around for generations. Borate is a natural/organic preservative and insecticide. How much greener a home can you get?

By having a well and septic system we use and recycle water naturally without chemicals. We compost some of our food waste, use the recycle bins at our local garbage facility and keep our thermostats at temperatures that ease the use of the heat pumps in summer and winter. I don’t consider myself an environmentalist. I just use common sense to make every day decisions about leaving a minimal foot print on this wonderful and beautiful planet we call earth. So really – it’s not that difficult being green when you live in a log home.

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