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Living Room Flipped: How to Adapt Your Decor in Your Biggest Space

Your family living room is the heart and soul of your home. It serves as both a refuge from the outside world and a space to entertain guests, which can sometimes make it difficult to decorate in a way that feels authentic to your family. The suggestions below should help you strike that balance between a relaxing atmosphere and a space that feels charming and attractive enough to invite the neighbors over for coffee. 

Decide How You Want to Feel
When you walk into your living room, how do you want to feel? Asking yourself this question is a great place to start when considering what overall mood you want your decor to have. What helps most to stand in the entryway and gaze out at the entire landscape of the living room. Do you feel anxious about the clutter on the bookshelf? Or does the bookshelf, full of novels, trinkets, and framed photos, tell a story about my family? Do you feel bored when looking at the beige sofas and brown curtains? Or do the neutral, earthy tones give off a feeling of peace? See what you already have and find ways to change smaller details to alter the space.

Make Necessary Changes
Once you decide how you want your living room to make you feel, you will have a better idea of what to keep and what to change or shift around. Start by finding a new home for any décor or furniture that no longer fits your vision. You could resale them or donate them to transitional housing programs in your community. For electronics that no longer work, find a Main Street Fibers recycling company in your area and get rid of them without adding too much waste. If you need new décor, check out garage sales and preowned items first to save a bit of money.  

Fill Spaces to Reduce Clutter
A good trick to keep your space beautiful with minimal effort is to tackle any areas where clutter tends to accumulate by placing large decorative items in their place. For example, placing a plant in the center of the coffee table not only livens up the space, but will make it less likely that you’ll pile the surface with mail and receipts. 

The great thing about home décor is it can almost always be tweaked. Sometimes, the best plan of action is to simply go for it! This is especially true when creating a living space that represents you and your family. 

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