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Log Cabins from Timber Block Features Wall Assembly in…..Hours?

When you think about how long it takes for a log cabin to go from a foundation to an actual structure, you might think a few weeks, or months. One of my most favorite questions I get is “How long will the construction of my home take?” This gets me excited, because I absolutely can not wait to tell them they will literally see their log cabin go from nothing to a home….all in the same day!

The last log cabin wall raising I went to was just fantastic. The homeowners were there (of course!) and I was enjoying a cup of coffee with them, watching the action. We’re chatting away, and all of a sudden, Brenda (the homeowner) starts shaking! I asked her what was wrong, and she told me building a log cabin had been a dream of theirs (her and her husband) for as long as they had been married (16 years). She said she was shaking because just that morning, she still didn’t quite believe it was happening, and in less than 2 hours, she LITERALLY watched her dream come true. It was very emotional for her, because she just didn’t believe it was ever going to happen.

Brenda and I talked later that month – the log cabin was all dried in and weather tight, they were working on their kitchen, and she told me she had never been happier. The reason why it took 16 years for them to build their log cabin was because they were hesitant because of the hassles of building a log cabin (checking, settling, low energy efficiency, etc) But further, they were both incredibly busy, and couldn’t afford to take the time to build a log cabin. When they found out just how fast they could enjoy their new log cabin, they finally made the decision to take their 16 year old dream and turn it into a reality!


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