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February 6th, 2010
Friends, a Virus will appear but called "Vista Antivirus Pro 2010 Alert"
This is a serious virus that has surfaced recently. You will be surfing the web and all of a sudden a "anti virus" program will start to download at lightening speed. If you can react fast enough, do an immediate shut down using your "mechanical" computer button to stop the download. If it completes the download you are still ok as long as you DO NOT follow any of its instructions. It looks identical to a Microsoft Security program and will give you all of these scare warnings.
It will start popping up all sorts of warning windows on you computer. Use only the X to shut them down DO NOT answer the question such as "no" or "due later" as it will disregard these and start processing. The solution follows which you can do immediately and disregard any of the phony messages but I will explain what I found out getting to the solution.
It will look identical to the Microsoft security center with its shield. If you were to go into the control panel and look at the MS Security center it will look identical except the clue is it says "Vista Anti virus Pro 2010". It also shut down my McAfee firewall and virus protection.
If you allow it to do anything it will apparently hold you hostage to paying them to fix the problem from what I have read.
What I tried at first was to get my McAfee running again and run a scan, It found nothing. I used Spybot and it found a problem with MS windows but still did not fix problem.
In researching this, when I tried to use IE to go on line, I noticed that it had hijacked this too. The immediate clue was that Vista 2010 was in the headings. DO NOT USE. You won't have to anyway as I will explain.
I was able to get to the internet via AOL which I have set up as my web browser. I then researched out the problem and found all sorts of references about this virus. The solution was to go to System restore in your Program area and choose a restore point from several days ago. I would recommend going there now and making sure you have a recent restore point available. Mine is set up to do it every day.
Once I ran this, which took quite a few minutes, I was able to get rid of the Vista virus but noticed that my McAfee was shutoff. I used the McAfee update which then brought in the new files and restored my firewall etc.
I suggest you go on line and google this Virus to be prepared. Also warn your family members about this so that they don't allow it to get going by answering any of it's questions. If you concur concerning this then pass it on.

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Comment by Rita Hickey on March 6, 2010 at 5:19pm
Thanks for the heads up Joe.
Comment by Joe on March 6, 2010 at 4:36pm
Your comments on Linux is absolutely true. My small,software company in Michigan, MV Software, sells business software all over the country especially to blueprint companies. We have run SCO unix for over 20 years and never have a problem. It is extremely stable versus Microsoft. We have problems when our customers use their laptops running IE to tap into our system to act as dumb terminals. and introduce virus's into their own systems but luckily not our basic software. Obviously that was the fear of the IT guy but your answer was correct. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer anymore so I don't know if you are running an emulator to tap into internet for this blog from Linux but what ever it is it obviously works.


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