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By Murray Arnott

We all have been in homes in which we feel particularly relaxed and comfortable. Or we have worked in spaces that seem to energize us and spark our productivity. A well-lit home is much more than simply selecting and placing fixtures.

Once you have a grasp of the basic principles of good lighting design, selecting and placing fixtures becomes a relatively easy task. It's something that you should consider fairly early in the design process for your log home. The results will be increased convenience and bright spaces in which to work, relax and entertain.

Meeting Your Needs

We speak of rooms using descriptive terms. My clients speak of coziness or warmth. Or they want rooms to be alive. We judge a room by how we feel in it. Beyond the form, shape, colors and decoration, we want a room to generate a particular mood.

Dramatic spaces can be interesting but also can create tension. In sitting areas, we want to feel cozy, safe and relaxed. In kitchens, we want to be energized and productive. We want living rooms to be both vibrant for entertaining and subdued for intimacy. To plan how you will light your home, take the first steps of deciding the purpose of each room and the mood you want to evoke at different times.

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