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A la carte or all-inclusive — buying a log home starts with the parts of the log home package/kit.


The “package,” (sometimes referred to as the “kit”) is the starting point of log homes for obvious reasons — it contains the logs. Logs are the bulk of the building materials used in log homes, rivaled only by stone and, in some cases, glass. So when you’re selecting a package from a log home producer, you’re buying the majority of the structural components that will comprise your log home.

The two most important things to remember about the package are what it contains and what it doesn’t contain. The distinction is important because all log packages are not the same. This fact is perhaps the most perplexing aspect of buying a log home. Some packages only contain the logs themselves; other manufacturers include much more than merely the wood. Packages vary because customers’ needs, preferences, budgets and time frames vary and because log home producers have different philosophies about how to best serve their customers. Your circumstances will guide you toward choosing the right package and producer for you.

Package Contents

So what’s in a package? There are three primary types of material packages:


This basic package contains logs for the exterior walls, as well as the fastening and sealing materials needed to erect them. It does not contain a roof system. Since this isn’t a complete structure, the producer is required to make very few engineering or design calculations. The package may or may not contain windows and doors, and the logs may or may not be pre-cut. This type of package has the lowest initial cost, but when the roof structure and other components are added, the home’s final cost may not be the lowest.

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