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Looking to Take Your Home off Grid? Here Are 4 Things You Might Need

Off grid means not being served by a local utility company that provides gas, water or electricity. Instead of flipping a switch to get power, you might end up burning wood or covering your home in insulation to stay comfortable. Make your life easier by doing your research ahead of time. There are 4 resources that might help with this transition.

Solar Panels

Install ground-level or rooftop solar panels to use free energy from the sun. This is one of the easiest ways to live off grid and avoid paying electric bills. The panels work by converting sunlight into energy that flows through the house's electrical panel and to every room in the house. After a good installation, your home receives power nonstop on brightly lit days, cloudy days and at night.

Natural Energy Sources

Consider other sources of energy that provide electricity, heating and cooling to your home. Wind energy converts wind into electricity, which is sustainable and free to the homeowner. Similarly, a hydroelectric system, such as a dam, involves the use of flowing water to power generators that produce electricity.

A biomass heating system is the use of plants or animals, called biomass, to produce heat for your home. Combined heat and power is one type of system that involves burning wood chips to generate power.

Water Well

A well gives you unlimited access to the groundwater below your home. There are problems that can occur during the long-term use of this system. The well may run dry due more to malfunctioning pumps than natural forces. You need water well pumps to shoot water from the ground into your home. From the start, have the well installed correctly to prevent every problem from pollution to a structural collapse.

Satellite or Wireless Technology

Satellite or wireless technology allows you to remain communicative with family, friends and neighbors over long distances. Wireless technology includes the use of cell phones and laptops that work at long distances. While living off grid, there are still ways to gain phone and Internet access in rural areas.

Many modern people want to break away from living that relies too heavily on nonrenewable energy and utility companies. Living off grid is the alternative to living in a world full of automated technologies. Even so, life becomes more complicated if you don't prepare for this transition properly and figure out how you will adapt to a simpler life.

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