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Making Your Cabin More than Just a Place to Stay

A cabin is supposed a home away from home, a sacred escape from the repetitiveness of everyday life. It is a symbol for relaxation and reconnection. However, you may find that it does not quite feel that way. For some reason, you are never quite as comfortable staying there as you are in your own bed. When you have guests, you find that you feel as much a stranger to the cabin as they do. If this is the case, then here are some tips to make it feel like more than just a place to stay.

Decorate Thoroughly

Treat it like you live there year-round. Do not skimp on anything you would skimp on in your home. Use drapes, statuettes, paintings, and anything else you use to make your place feel like your own. Choose things that make you happy or try to stay in a woodsy theme. Eclectic decor can be just as homey if not more as one coordinated by a professional. Whatever you decide to keep in your home, just make sure you like it.

Additionally, if you find things you do not like, donate or discard them. Do not keep things in your cabin just to keep it from feeling bare. You will find something better to fill the space.

Do Some Home Cooking

Keep your kitchen fully stocked with equipment and bring fresh groceries. Better yet, go down to the nearby lake and catch your food. Cooking in your cabin can make it feel like your own. It will help you mentally connect the cabin with your own home, not to mention it is usually a lot healthier and more frugal. If your cabin has plumbing, it will make the entire experience feel a lot more homey as well. Professionals, like those at South West Plumbing, know how nice it is to have a working plumbing system in your cabin.  It's nice to wash dishes in the kitchen sink, as it makes the mental connection to home a lot easier (not to mention the other indoor plumbing benefits). 

Do Something Familiar

How do you like to spend time in your home? In your free time, do you like to do puzzles, read, play games, or talk to friends? Whatever it may be, bring it with you. Your cabin is a place to enjoy life so take something that brings you joy in your own home. If you like to paint, you can both practice and use the canvas to decorate later if you so choose. If you like to spend time with friends, invite them all up for a weekend of relaxation and fun.

Making your cabin feel like more than a place to stay can be quite a task. Sometimes, it can be hard to convince ourselves to connect more than one place with home. Just remember that in order for it to feel like a home, you have to treat it like one. Take your shoes off and make yourself comfortable. It will feel like home in no time at all.

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