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Mother Nature’s Decor: 4 Simple Ways to Make Your Home a Paradise

You can’t fool Mother Nature, but when it comes to simple additions to make your home a paradise, you’ll want to draw from nature and you won’t have to fool anyone about incorporating natural elements in your home. Intermingling natural design elements in a home can be accomplished in different ways and there are hundreds of ideas out there to make your home part of nature. Here are four that are simple solutions to making your home a paradise.

Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Sisal, jute, grass, sea grass, wool or other natural woven area rugs are simple ways to adorn a home and make it a healthy living paradise. You can bring texture to any living space with natural area rugs. Picture such a rug at the front entrance of your home or placed next to beautiful clear glass and wood framed bifold doors that lead to a deck, patio or screened in porch. Adventures in paradise can be created with a quick roll out of a natural fiber rug in most any space.

Exterior Enhancers

Sandstone is a durable and natural material that can be part of any number of exterior features of a home. You can enhance garden walkways with sandstone or use it for patio courtyards, pavers, steps and even outside barbecues. It is particularly useful for edging around water features such as fountains, waterfalls and swimming pools. Its versatility makes it the perfect companion to any natural outdoor setting.

Organic Materials

Plants and dried plant materials can enliven any area in your home as well as bring a sense of life and color to a space. When placed in strategic locations, plants act as focal points in a room. They soften and energize as well as add texture, height, and structure. Even a bowl of moss balls or small potted plants can create a vignette on a living room side or coffee table. Plants and plant materials are truly the simplest elements to create a natural, clean and environmentally friendly space.

Natural Centerpieces

If you have a large wooden kitchen or dining table, accessorize it with a natural centerpiece. Find a large glass container and place a soy or beeswax pillar in the center of the container. Fill around the candle with small river rock, rounded stones or beans. Add a few sprigs of greenery to complete the look. You could also use ceramic or galvanized steel containers and fill them with wheat stalks, cattails, sunflowers, and feathers for a seasonal look that adds fullness and texture to a table. Along the same lines, a large ceramic soup tureen could house fresh or seasonal tropical fruit for a pure look of paradise on a table, or you could mix the look with lush flowers and greenery from your garden.

Decorating with what nature provides is an easy way to enhance a home. With natural materials all around us in one form or another, you can find numerous ways to naturally decorate your home to your heart’s content. You can create your own idea of paradise in or outside of your home, and Mother Nature won’t mind a bit.

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