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Mountain Paradise: How to Make Your Log Cabin Comfy and Cozy

Making your family’s dream of owning a log cabin come true should be a joyful experience. Having a connection to nature, and being surrounded by the sights and sounds of cabin living are among some of the most rewarding experiences to be had in this fast paced and technologically driven world. However, there are times when these rustic dwellings can seem like a heavy burden to bear when it comes to decorating them and making them feel like home. There are a few simple rules to follow, that when applied can make any log cabin look and feel like a woodland paradise. Use this handy guide to make your log cabin dreams a reality.

Less is More

The trouble with some rustic homes is that they can so thoroughly remind you of grandma’s house that you might consider using some of her decorating techniques. Though the temptation to start piling on the knickknacks and filling the wall with every old-timey needlepoint and doily collection might be strong, keep in mind that rustic doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. Use vintage statement pieces, rather than turning your cabin into what looks like a badly themed B&B. Consider comfortable vintage rugs or other details that add warmth and life to your space.

Experiment with Color

Though going with a classic Americana feel might seem the best way to go for decorating a log cabin, don’t be afraid to explore other palettes. Some companies, like Modern Home 2 Go, that mixing colors and hues can add a lot to your cabin’s living room. Consider a stark contrast by adding furniture in deep jewel tones to provide living spaces with a regal flair that compliments the wooden surroundings and make them homey and cozy enough for company. Other unusual colors that pop against wooded surroundings are Mustard, Burnt Orange, and Teal.

Be Creative

Your cabin is your castle. Though decorating magazines and knowing what the latest designers are up to can be useful, in the end your cabin is an expression of yourself. Consider your favorite styles and think about the best way to make them work in a rustic setting. Though some ideas might seem like they would clash, you may be surprised at how contrasting eras and aesthetics can have a miraculous effect on beautifying a space. Keep comfort in mind at all times and run with what feels right.

Owning a log cabin should be a fun, and exciting venture for your family. By taking some of the headache out of choosing décor, you can get back to enjoying the things you love about nature. Your log cabin is a statement of your values and sense of wonder about the natural world. Presenting it in a way that is smart, and using updated statement pieces allows you to enjoy your rustic beauty as well as show everyone who you really are.

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