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Well it's been a little over a week since our last post, and they've made a bunch of progress. All the walls are now up. They placed the main roof beam one day last week. It's 38 feet long and is a 5 inch by 15 inch glue-lam beam. Not sure how heavy it is, but from what the guys said, it took a good part of the day to hoist it up there by hand. Once it was there, they got a few rafters set up that day.

The following day, they got the rest of the rafters in place. They also finished framing out the first floor, which was the powder room, a wall in the main bath and the wall between the laundry and sunroom. We decided that we didn't need a cathedral ceiling in the powder room once we saw it and figured it would be a good place to catch a little storage.

They also got the roof sheeting installed over the last few days. Things slowed down once again when they started working on the dormer framing and rafters. Not sure how many angles there are on the boards, but there are more than I wish to deal with, guess that's why they are the professionals! They say it will take a few days to get them fully framed in and ready for sheeting.

The electrician has been around for a few days and has been running some lines, got some junction boxes installed and installed a bunch a majority of the boxes on the first floor. Things are really shaping up with each passing day.

You'll see we posted a bunch of pictures today. We've taken many, many more, but have tried to place some of the better pics on the site to keep you interested. Sorry, none of the big dog this week! He’s still around, but just didn’t make he was into any pics. He celebrated his 3rd birthday last weekend and we think he’s having a bout of the terrible threes. We met with the builder on evening to go over a few things and Colby was trying to be a chipmunk seeing how many little scraps of wood he could fit in his mouth.

You'll also see we posted a picture of a new home for sale down the road. If any of our city friends would be interested in moving out to the country with the rest of us hicks, you might be able to pick it up rather cheap. Let us know if you want the details, we'll get the number! (check it out here)

We also went and picked up our garage doors last weekend in Pittsburgh. Needless to say, it wasn't what we expected when we got there. They were packaged in a plywood box, about 3' x 3' and 14' long. Oh, and it weighed 992 lbs. We loaded it up and made it home safely, but we weren't sure how it was all going to go down. Glad we made it safe.

Take care and check us out in a week or so, we'll be sure to post another update!

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