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Mysterious Cabin: How to Give Your Log Home an Austere Look

Interior design can feel larger than life. There are so many design options out there. If you’re in the process of designing a cozy log home, then “mystery” may be a concept that appeals to you. There are many design elements that can contribute to a cabin that boasts a streamlined, cool and somewhat ascetic ambiance.

Say “Adios” to Clutter

If you want your log home to be the picture of austerity, you should say adios to clutter. Clutter and mystery just aren’t a combination that makes any sense. Throw away or donate any design components that are “busy” or intricate in appearance. Throw away or donate any items in general that just aren’t 100 percent necessary. Less is often much more.

Purchase a Futon

Minimalism is “in.” It’s been fashionable for a long time, too. If you want to design a log home that epitomizes chic minimalism, it can help to take a somewhat East Asian approach. Doing away with a classic bed and replacing it with a simple, “no frills” futon can often be a smart and stylish idea.

Prioritize Neutral Colors

If you’re passionate about colors that are mysterious in feel, then you should steer clear of bright and “loud” options if at all possible. Make a point to go for colors that are neutral. Make a point to go for colors that are modest and subtle as well. It can be terrific to prioritize white, black, gray, off-white, and beige. It can be terrific to stay far away from colors like red, pink, purple, yellow, and orange. Dim and romantic landscape lighting design can flatter neutral colors, too.

Buy a Sleeper Sofa

You can minimize furniture pieces in your log cabin by buying a sleeper sofa. Getting a sleeper sofa can eliminate the need for an extra bed. It can be convenient to have a living room couch that doubles as a bed for family members and friends. There are all kinds of sleeper sofa options that boast minimalistic, sleek, and streamlined styles, too. A cool and low-key sleeper sofa can make a superb addition to any sophisticated log home.

Austerity is the big craze in interior design. If you want to design a cabin that’s intriguing, enduring, and simplistic at the same time, you need to emphasize the joys of minimalism. Minimalism is a design concept that’s been enthralling people the world over for decades now. Don’t be afraid to try it out in your log home.

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