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Often Forgotten Areas to Add to the Spring Cleaning List

The spring season is rapidly approaching which means it is almost time to remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the long winter. In order for a spring cleaning session to be successful, make sure you clean every aspect of the house. While everyone knows the garage, floors, and windows need cleaning, there are several spots that get extremely dirty over the year and usually get overlooked. These are the four most forgotten areas in the home you need to add to the spring cleaning list.

Washing Machine
Many people think the washing machine remains clean because it is used to wash and clean clothing, but this is not the case. While the washing machine will stay cleaner longer than most appliances in the house, you still need to clean it a few times a year. Getting rid of the dirt from the vents and holes will ensure your clothes always come out smelling fresh. Try running a load with extra strength cleaner in as well to cleanse the inside.


Another home appliance that is overlooked in the spring cleaning process is the dishwasher. Just like the washing machine, a lot of people assume the dishwasher cleans itself while washing the dishes. Scrubbing down the inside and running a cycle with only vinegar will remove the unwanted grime that accumulates in your dishwasher over time and keep your silverware clean enough to eat off of!

Air Filters and Vents
The air filters and vents may be the most important things to clean each spring because they control the breathing air in your home. If you leave these for too long, dust can be sent into the breathing air every time the furnace or air conditioner is turned on. If indoor air is dirty, you might find seasonal allergies are aggravated as well and you go through medicines like Dymista much faster. Make sure to add the filters and vents to your cleaning list and keep your indoor air clean and pure.

Our electronic items are probably used more than anything else in the home, but most people never thing about cleaning them thoroughly. The television remote, computer keyboard, and phones are constantly touched every day, and you are putting unknown dirt and germs on your hands every time you use them. Taking a few minutes to wipe down all electronics will remove years of dirt and germs from the house.

The goal of spring cleaning is to get a pristine home that will keep everyone in good health throughout the next few months. If you don’t forget to clean these four items, your home will be cleaner than ever this spring. 

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