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Old Home Reno: 5 Steps to a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Renovating a bathroom can be both exciting and overwhelming. Bathroom remodeling has a significant effect on quality of life and convenience of the family. Before starting a bathroom makeover project, you should ensure that you plan adequately. Remember, the bathroom is the second most expensive area in your home, second to the kitchen. Whether you are doing simple revamping or getting a new design, it is imperative to plan adequately. Below are some of the steps towards achieving a successful bathroom remodeling.


Bathroom Design Theme

Most people feel that the bathroom provides them with a private and peaceful environment to rejuvenate their brains and bodies. Before starting a bathroom renovation projects, ensure that you choose a theme that reminds you of positive achievements and wins. The design chosen should meet luxury, contemplation, functionality and comfort requirements.


Set Your Mission

Before starting the renovation process, you should set your goals. Decide if your bathroom requires just a new paint or accessories and fittings or even a complete makeover. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include; what does your bathroom need, what is its current situation and who will be using the bathroom? The age, gender, and height of the users should be put into considerations. If you are renovating the bathroom to sell, you might consider not spending a lot of money on it, unless it will increase the value of your home.



Now that you have set your goals and bathroom theme, it is time to design a realistic execution plan. You will need to research widely to come up with a practical implementation plan. An online survey can be a good starting point. At this step, you need to consult professionals to come up with a budget estimate. Towers Murray Plumbing will guide you in developing a viable budget plan.


Design Layout

Actual project design and space planning are essential in bringing a good balance of functionality and comfort. Ensure that you weigh several options. Consult your experts to help design the right location for bathtubs, showers, toilets, and drainage system. Get it right at this point as it is expensive to relocate these features.


The Renovation Exercise

With the design ready, it is now time to source all the required materials and begin the remodeling process. Hire the right plumbing company and launch the project. Ensure that everything is done within your budget estimations to avoid incidences of incomplete projects.


Although bathroom renovation may seem to be a daunting exercise, adhering to these steps may make the process easier than you thought. Early planning and budgeting will make the process efficient and smooth. Remember, bathroom remodeling is an expensive and involving task, consult experts to ensure you get it right.

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