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Old Home Renovations: 5 Reasons to Update Windows and Doors

You live in an older home and are considering the addition and upgrade of new windows and doors. There are many benefits to doing this type of home improvement project, and these may include the following.



Your home will look newer and better maintained. Peeling window frames, foggy glass, warped doors, and tarnished hardware will all be things of the past. Your house will look fresh, loved, and easier on the eye. After updating these elements of the home with the help of a company like Arch Design, it will be all you can do to stop yourself from taking on more projects such as replacing siding, pressure washing the front walk, and widening your driveway.


Higher Security

With the upgrade of your doors and windows, you will feel much more secure within the walls of your residence. Locks and deadbolts will work much better and windows will slide shut much more easily. Many glass windows are now shatterproof and will not break if an intruder attempts to enter.


Energy Savings

Upgrading windows and doors will also help you save on your utility bills. Better-fitting, snugger additions will keep the wind, rain, snow, sleet, and ice at bay, resulting in decreased usage of heat and air conditioning.


Re-Sale Value

The cost of this project will be expensive but well worth the money and time. With your home’s new and updated appeal, the extra security in place, and the energy savings factor, your home should greatly increase in value. Even if you have no intentions of selling, it is good to know that if you do decide to put your house on the market, it will be worth so much more.


Better Fit

Before updating your windows and doors, you may have noticed that these openings did not really look like the right size for the areas that they were placed in. This is your opportunity to replace these with larger, smaller, or differently-shaped windows and doors. For example, you may have a small, round window below the peak of your roof. You may decide to replace it with a hexagonal or octagonal frame for more interest and appeal. The result is stunning and gives the exterior of the house an entirely new and unique look.


As is clearly evident, adding new windows and doors to your older home has definite benefits. You and your family will be able to enjoy these advantages for years to come. Other additions, upgrades, and renovations may follow, but none will have the distinct impact that this project will.

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