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Well, another week has passed and it seems we have finally made some real progress. The driveway is cut in and we got the majority of it stoned up to the point of where we need to move some dirt around the foundation and parking area to catch grade to keep water away from the house.

In addition, the foundation has been dug. All the dirt has either been put around the sand mound to cover it and blend it into the surrounding area so it’s not as noticeable. The sand mound took a lot of dirt to blend it in, but in the end it should look pretty good. The rest of the dirt was piled up around the foundation so it doesn't need moved far when it's time for final grading. I've posted a few pics to show everyone.

The weather the last week has been great. Over the weekend it was in the 60's and gave us a great jump start on getting things done. We spent a couple of days over the weekend pulling nails out of our lumber we have. Took awhile and we re-staked it all so it would dry out better. We got the majority of the nails out, but will still need to run the metal detector over them before we can get them planned down. We've kind of settled on using the wood to make all the trim for the windows and doors. We decided that the red pine would look nice against the white pine walls. We also have some ideas to use some for the kitchen island or an interior wall. I'd also like to make a large table some day out of it.

Now, comes a week or two of waiting. The builder is going to start making the foundation walls tomorrow in his shop. Our logs are being milled at the lumber yard. We expect the logs to be delivered next week to the builder. He will then cut them all to length according to plan. We are also going to try and get a coat of stain on them at the shop before they ever make it to our site.

The electric company was out today to check the site. We'll be able to run the power where we hope, so that's a good thing. We also decided where we will run the rain gutters and french drain today too. I also met the bank appraiser at the site to show him the property and answer some questions on the plans for him. Hopefully things get appraised where we need them too for the mortgage.

Unfortunately, we don't have a building permit yet! We are at the point of waiting for the permit before we can proceed. We need an inspection of the foundation footer before we can poor the footer. But, it is going to be a few weeks before the builder is ready to come on site, so we are hopeful that everything works out. We're pretty confident that everything will!

I doubt we'll have much to update till after Thanksgiving, but if we do, we'll be sure to get it up here. Take care, see you all!

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