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Order your Log Home Package – Step #10 in Planning for Success

Now that you've successfully completed the previous 9 steps in Planning a Successful Log Home Project you are ready to order your log home building materials.

Remember to contact your helpful and knowledgeable Log Home Consultant so they can assist you with this process. They are a great resource of information. If you do not plan on financing any part of the project most log home manufacturers require a 10% deposit to complete your construction set of plans and to start planning for your order. Usually a 40% deposit is needed to begin the manufacturing of your materials with the 50% balance due upon delivery. If you are planning on taking a loan, most financial institutions that have previously worked with log homeowners will require the borrower to put down at least 10% with the log home manufacturer and the 90% balance due will be released from the lender on day of delivery. This is all subject to the loan closing before any manufacturing occurs.

From this point it will take an average of 6 to 8 weeks for the materials to be manufactured, packaged and ready to ship. This gives you time to clear and grade the building site, dig and install the foundation and ready the sub floor. On the day of delivery all that needs to be done is to put the log bundles on the sub floor and start the installation process. You can look back over the recent past, re-trace the steps you took and be satisfied with all of the planning you did to make your dream log home become reality!

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