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Well, it only took 2 and half months, but the roof is finally finished.  100%.  Looks good.  A few days before Christmas the roof was finally done!  That allowed us to finally go hog wild getting ceilings hung.  We posted a few pics of the ceilings going up at that point. 


Since then, the GC got the high ceilings hung and the doormers pretty much done.  As we mentioned before, we prestained all our ceiling material.  Since it was stained, they also did the trim (also prestained) in the high dormer above the great room.  We decided they would be better suited to do this work as it all needed done off scaffold. 


We then jumped in with both feet, borrowed the scaffold and got the high wall in the great room hung.  The week between Christmas and New Year, we recruited our dads for some help and just about got the 2nd floor finished up.  We got all the ceilings hung upstairs and got all the rooms walls up.  We only are missing a couple boards which we are waiting to get so we don't need to cut down all our 16 footers to 10 or 12 feet.


Things are really starting to look like something again.  Next step is working on the first floor this weekend.  Hopefully we can get some ceilings and walls hung.  Then, it will be time to get all those walls stained.  Still unsure on what all we'll need to do.  We washed the logs back in the summer when we did the outside, but we got a little water staining since then in a few spots and some of the paneling we hung is marked up.


We posted a few pics for you to look at, though they aren't the greatest (oops).  We'll keep you posted on the progress as we keep moving forward.

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