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Piano- The Best Instrument to Begin as a Musician

Piano playing is one of the best things you can do to yourself. If you are willing to play the piano, you must start learning it right away. There are various reasons why you should start your music practice with a piano, not any other instrument. Finding a good academy for getting piano lessons in Mosman is not a difficult task.

This article uncovers the reasons that you should opt for piano learning, especially if you do not have any experience in playing musical instruments.   

1. Convenient Playing:

The melodious sound of this musical instrument comes, when you press the keys. Once you learn the major keys and the chords, the piano is so simple to play. So, it is very convenient to start with a piano if you are unaware of the theories of music.   

2. Easy Learning to Read Music:

The piano is a great musical instrument that helps students to read music. It is also easier to understand the relationship between pitches in melodies and chords, because of the way a keyboard is laid out. Besides, the students can focus on learning to read music instead of struggling with difficult techniques, as playing the piano is very simple.

3. Hassle-free about Maintenance:

Pianos require tuning only once or twice in a year, even it does not need to be tuned if it is an electric keyboard. Here lies a big difference between the piano and the other musical instruments, as most of them need to be tuned every time they are out of the case. Also, the piano is very robust as an instrument. Therefore, you do not need to change the strings every year, like a violin or guitar. You can use your piano for a decade without repairing or replacing any part of it.

4. Easy Learning Music Theory:

The keyboard layout of a piano is very straightforward and thus easy to understand. You just need to remember that the higher notes are to the right and the lower notes are to the left. You can differentiate sharps, flats and key signatures, by the white keys and black keys. Correspondingly, you can understand about the chords.

5. Easy to Get a Good Sense of Pitch:

It is very usual for the beginners to not have a good sense of pitch. A well-tuned piano always makes the right note when the one presses the key. Thus, the student becomes capable of catching the pitch easily. It is very unlike other instruments, as they need good breath control and exact finger placement to make the right note.

6. Good Sound Right from the Beginning:

There are many instruments, which require a high level of skill to create a good tone. It may take many years for the students, to sound good with the instrument. However, with a piano, you can create a good sound right from the beginning. You just press a key and the right notes come out.

For the above-mentioned reasons, the piano is considered as the best instrument to start with music practice.

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