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Plumbing Blunders: 4 Signs Your Home Needs Major Sewer Repair

As a homeowner, you dread the thought of dealing with a major sewer repair. Visions of backhoes, deep trenches of dirt and mud and endless pipes pound through your head. Often, it seems easier to ignore mounting signs of sewer doom.

Unfortunately, ignoring plumbing problems does not flush major sewer problems out of your life. Recent changes in approaching plumbing problems might reassure you that your budget is not at risk when you call a professional to solve your sewer issues You should run to the phone and call for help when you find any of these problems.

Water Leaks from Your Hot Water Heater

Even the smallest water leak that trickles from your hot water heater is a problem. Eventually, that trickle turns to a flood. While you might contain a leak for a short time, it wins every time in the end.

Make a point to check your basement or water heater closet at least once a month. If you notice water collecting near your water heater call a professional like for repairs or water heater replacement.

Discolored Incoming Water

Water flowing into your home should be clear. Rust-colored water is not normal. One cause is sediment build-up in your water heater. You do not want that problem overlooked when a repair might solve the issue.

However, flecks of rust in your water or water that looks gray or brown is usually a sign of pipe corrosion. This is common in older homes. The discolored water happens when pipe material flakes off before failing completely. When pipes fail, the water does not stop flowing. Incoming pipes water traveling into your home continues to flow, ruining your belongings as well as the interior of your home.

Sudden Loss of Water Pressure in Your Toilets, Tubs or Sinks

Any sudden drop in your water pressure is cause for concern. One cause for a drop in your water pressure is a massive hole or breach in a plumbing pipe leading outdoors. Tree roots wreak havoc on plumbing pipes.

Normally, this causes near-panic in many homeowners. However, because you have options no matter where you reside repairs and replacements do not require backhoes digging up trees and making trenches. Professionals use one of several methods to insert materials replacing major sewer pipes that effectively address sewer problems.

Flooring under Sink Softens

A soft, wet floor under your kitchen sink is never a sign of good fortune. Your garbage disposal is not a trash can. If you dispose of bones, rinds, stringy items or plastic your disposal and sink pay you back.

If you reset your disposal and water continues to collect under the sink, then you need to call for professional help. You do not want to risk water ruining your crawl space or affecting your foundation. Nor do you want a flooded basement.

If you experience signs of these common sewer problems, do not assume that a fix requires a backhoe, deep trenches or large sums of money. Improved methods for sewer pipe repair or replacement are less invasive than ever.

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