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Plumbing Blunders: 5 Signs You Need a Professional

When it comes to your home’s water lines, you want to keep them in perfect working condition. Even a slow leak can lead to massive repair bills down the road if it goes unchecked. There are some problems you can take care of on your own, like clearing a minor clog or replacing an aerator. However, there are other times when you really should let the professionals handle the problem.

The Hidden Leak
If your water usage spikes, you should worry about more than just the bill. A sudden spike in usage can mean that you have a hidden leak, and you need to find it fast. Rather than tearing up your slab or letting the problem progress unchecked, you can let professionals like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling pinpoint the problem and make the necessary repairs.

Persistent Clogs
When your bathtub or toilet is continually backing up, then you’re dealing with a more serious problem. While you’re able to temporarily alleviate the situation, you really need someone who can find the root of the cause and fix it. Quite often, a recurring slow drain is caused by tree roots in the main sewer line, and that requires professional care.

Low Water Pressure
There’s a reason why water pressure levels suddenly drop, and it might lie in your main supply lines. A buildup of minerals can slow down the flow of water and leave you feeling frustrated. Leaking pipes are another culprit, so you’ll want to have a plumber address this issue as soon as possible.

Condensation on the Water Tank
Nobody likes to take cold showers, but that’s the end results when a water heater starts weeping. This indicates a crack in the heater, and it will probably need to be replaced. Other warning signs with your water heater include rust and corrosion on the unit.

Something Smells
In the case of a slow drip, you may not notice a bump in your water bill or any standing puddles. However, the moisture buildup can still lead to mold, and that may be the source of your mystery odor. A professional plumber knows where to check for problems and can address this issue for you.

Take care of your drains by being careful about what goes down them. Keep an eye on your pipes for leaks or drips and have them fixed right away. Most importantly, call in a professional when you see any of these warning signs.

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