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Protecting Trees During Log Home Construction

Building a log home can be hard on the surrounding natural environment, particularly nearby trees. Here are some tips for protecting trees during log home construction.

protecting trees

People considering a log home welcome the opportunity to plan its look and layout, but how many think about the land it’s being built on? If you’ve bought an acre or more studded with mature trees, you probably can’t wait until the home is built so you can gaze out at the surrounding natural beauty. But do you have a plan for protecting trees.

Imagine your horror when construction gets under way, and your builder unleashes chain saws and bulldozers to clear not just the site for the home, but also a wide swath for machinery and materials. As you watch your wonderful woods disappearing, your only recourse is to pay a landscaper a small fortune to move in large trees and hope they take root, or else plant a slew of saplings and wait two or three decades for them to mature.

Fortunately, this nightmare need never occur. Damage to mature trees can be kept to a minimum. The key to saving trees is to plan the clearing of your site and construction of your log home with the aim of preserving as many mature trees as possible.

Trees face three perils. Construction equipment can harm their trunks, earth-moving machinery can damage their roots, and heavy materials piled over the root system can damage it. What’s more, soil compaction and grade changes can kill a tree slowly, as long as five years after you move in.

For the rest of the article, including information on drawing a site plan, special care for trees, and post-construction protection, visit!

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