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Quick Fix: Five Easy Sink Repairs You Can Learn Yourself

Your home’s kitchen and bathroom sinks are some of the most heavily used fixtures in your home. From rinsing off vegetables to washing your hands, there is plenty of dirt, grease, and grime that gets washed into the sink. This use often results in sink problems like blockages and other issues. Learning how to fix small problems yourself saves you money and time.

Drippy Faucets
Fix a leaky faucet by shutting off the fixture's water supply. Open the valve to release the water in the spout. Use a pipe cleaner or brush to clean the faucet body and then reassemble the faucet. This is also a good time to replace the aerator as well.

Leaking Pipe Joints
A plumbing joint usually leaks due to a loose connection. Wrap the male threads with Teflon tape or plumber's tape and be sure to use three to five layers of the tape. Apply Teflon tape compound on top of the tape. Screw the male and female pipe threads together to reconnect the pipes. If the joint still leaks, it is best to call a plumber so that the pipes do not burst. Places like Rapid Rooter can do this if you aren’t confident in your skills.

Stuck Clean-out Plugs
A stuck clean-out plug will clog the drain. If brute force doesn't loosen the plug, apply gentle heat to the plug and its fitting. If you use a hair dryer, make sure there is no water near the sink. The heat softens the metal enough to pull it free. Once you get the plug out, replace it with a new plastic plug. Do not reuse the old plug.

Bad Smells
Bad smells coming up from your sink usually indicate there is decomposing food stuck in the pipe. Shut off the water supply to the sink first. Then use a plumber's wrench to remove the pipes from underneath the sink. Use a 10% bleach solution and a brush to clean out the pipes. Reassemble the pipes and restore the water supply to the sink.

Clogged Sinks
A clogged sink is one of the most common problems in a bathroom or kitchen. Use a sink plunger to loosen the clog. Next, pour one-half of a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by one-half of a cup of vinegar. Allow the mixture to bubble for 30 minutes and then flush with running hot water for 5 minutes.

Most sink repairs only require a few minutes and a couple of common tools. To remember how you fixed the problem, consider keeping a home repair journal. This way, if things ever come up again you already have a repair method ready.

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