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Rain or Shine: 5 Steps to Getting Your Cabin Ready for All Seasons

You may spend time regularly maintaining your primary home, but it is easy to overlook maintenance on your vacation home. All homes require periodic maintenance in order to remain in great condition for years to come. Regardless of the season, these are some excellent steps to take today to prepare your cabin for use in the next season and beyond.

Check the Roof

The roof of a cabin can take a beating from Mother Nature throughout the year. Each season, it is wise to inspect the roof from the ground level to look for signs of damage. In addition to this step, you may also contact a roofer for a periodic inspection. The roofer’s trained eye may spot damage that you have overlooked.

Call a Plumber

Depending on the season, your plumber can provide you with numerous services. This may include cleaning your drains, looking for hidden leaks, maintaining the hot water heater and more. Because water and wastewater do not flow through the pipes of a vacation home regularly, regular plumbing maintenance is essential.

Seal the Doors and Windows

One step that you can take on your own to prepare for the upcoming season is to seal the doors and windows. The seals around these features are designed to promote HVAC efficiency and to prevent uncomfortable drafts. Seals can deteriorate rather quickly, but resealing your home is a simple and easy maintenance project.

Schedule HVAC Service

If your cabin has an HVAC system, now is the time to schedule maintenance service. This is a specialized cleaning service performed by a licensed technician. The technician will also look for any signs of wear that need to be addressed before you begin heavily using your system in the months to come.

Contact a Pest Control Company

Pests have a way of finding a way into a cabin and taking up residence. This can lead to a serious pest infestation in minimal time. Your pest control expert will look for signs of an infestation that needs to be addressed. He can also spray the cabin as a preventive step.

Whether it has been a few weeks or a few months since you have spent time in your cabin, things can change quickly when you are not around. These are all excellent maintenance steps that you should follow when you have been away for awhile, and they are also great seasonal maintenance tips for any home. Remember that you can schedule services rather than try to do all of the work on your own.

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