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Ready to Live Off-Grid? 4 Practical Ways to Heat Your Home

Just because you've decided to live off-grid, doesn't mean you have to live in an uncomfortably cold house. There are many ways that those who live off-grid have developed or implemented to help keep their living quarters warm. Whether you're just making plans for an off-grid home, or you've made the leap and need a more practical way to heat your home, one of these four options may be for you.

Standard Generator

While running a standard generator using either solar energy or gasoline may be practical, in that you will have electricity for more than just your heating system, a generator may not be financially practical. It will usually take quite a bit of whatever energy source you're using to convert into electricity. You may not always have enough solar energy available to you, and this would make a generator obsolete. But like we said, a generator would be able to power more than just your furnace.

Solar Heat (Passive)

It is possible to heat your home merely by keeping the curtains open. With the right windows, you can keep the cold out while letting the sun in to warm the room. To make this practically efficient, it's important to invest in insulated windows. Having darker flooring as well as walls can also help to generate heat from the sun as it comes in. This is most likely the cheapest option, but may not always be as effective as you'd like. You may want to add this as a home heating method in addition to something you can rely on more often.

Solar Heat (Active)

Turning to solar energy to run a standard generator or to even store energy in batteries may not be practical for you depending on your needs and location. Depending on the weather where you're located, the solar energy available to you may not be enough. However, to truly live off-grid, you don't need electricity. An active solar heating method requires you to have a system of black copper pipes set up in a south-facing window or outer wall. These black types will heat the water inside using solar heat. This heated water will then flow throughout the radiated heating vents located inside the home. Many of those living off-grid have even designed a system such as this on their own, some even using old soda cans.

Wood Heater

A heater installed in your home that is designed to use either wood or gas is one of the most effective and practical ways to heat your home when living off-grid. A gas heater may be practical for some depending on resources available to you. However, most of those living off-grid have access to wood. Wood heater installation can have you relaxed, comfortable, and warm in your home in no time.

Which of these off-grid home heating methods is right for you? As we said, where you're located may have a lot to do with which heating system is most practical. You may even want to try either passive or active solar heat in addition to a wood heater.

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